Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A week of Changes!!

So this has been an interesting week. Last Wednesday Riley finally let go and started walking all on his own without Jesse and I being there and holding our hands out for him. He just let go and so since Wednesday my life has really really changed. I used to be able to just sit back and watch him play or put a movie on for him. Now he is officially on the go always wanting to get down and go exploring around the house for things that he can get to now that he has learned his new skill of walking. Since Sunday he has hardly fallen at all so he is doing very well with the walking. He still has a hard time standing up on his own. He always crawls over to the wall or the couch or a chair and pulls himself up against it and then lets go and starts walking. If nothing is there to support him then he just crawls around until he finds something to help him stand.He has also discovered the garbage and the toilet since we moved into the new house. Before those were blocked off with a gate but because there is no doorway or hallway short enough for the gate he has full range now. He also likes to find things off of the floor to put into the toilet and he likes to empty some of the things out of the garbage. GRRRRRR!!! We still really love him though. He also really has developed a love for doors. He will go to cupboard doors, the doors that close on his change table or any one or two doors he can find and open and close them and then open and close them. He can't open the big doors such as bedroom doors, the door to outside etc but he can shut them and then you hear him squawking for one of us to come open it for him so he can get in or out.

We also had a change in our Ward on Sunday. We have only been in the ward for 3 Sunday's and we got a new Bishop, Bishop Gibb. For those of you that know the Clarkdale Ward in Sherwood Park his name is Eldon Gibb, his councillors are Clint Heath and Brad Ackroyd. Our old Bishop was Bishop Simpson. I also got a new calling. I am a Sunday school to the 12-13 year old. My brother inlaw Lloyd Atwood also got a new calling. He was made a High Priest on Sunday because his new calling is an Alternate High Councilman and the Second councillor in the Stake Young Mens. Jesse's parents came up for that. There is also a change with them as well. They got their mission call to the Vancouver Canada Mission. They leave for the MTC this Saturday and have to be there on Monday. They will be gone for a year and a half. We will miss them but are happy for them that they are able to serve a mission. Riley will be 2 1/2 when they come home, that is crazy. I hope he remembers them. So those are the big changes of the week and I know it's late but I wanted to wish all the Father's a Happy Father's Day!!Here are some pictures of Riley!!!!

Riley when he took his first steps. He was a like a week away from turning 14 months when he started walking.
He loves books!! He emptys all his books onto the floor everyday from off his shelf but he looks at one then puts it down gets another one looks at it and so on.

He loves the stairs!

Playing with the vacuum

He loves to open and close the garbage can!
Playing at the toilet his new found toy!

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  1. lol, I still have to have the bathroom door closed all the time or samantha plays in the water...GROSS!

    Glad to hear he is walking around now. Change is a good thing. :)