Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Week in Cardston

Riley and I went to Cardston to spend the week August 2-9. Jesse had to work so he stayed home and came on the Friday evening. We had a good time visiting with family and friends. We did a lot of indoor visiting. It rained and was cold almost everyday we were there except for Friday and Saturday. I did get to see some friends that I have not seen in a very long time such as Jill Williams and Leslie Redford Anderson. Riley had fun playing with his Papa and going for walks when it wasn't raining in the wagon.
I had a good visit with my grandparents and aunts and uncles. We didn't take many pictures due to the rain. Riley fell asleep during the whole parade on Saturday so I am sad we didn't get any pictures of that cuz it was a good parade. Oh well next year I am sure he will enjoy it more.
Riding in the wagon that was given to Julie for her 1st birthday. I know, it is old and still working great!!
Riley playing by the creek with Papa!

Playing basketball

When Nana first showed him the basketball hoop and threw the ball through the hoop it kind of scared him and he started crying. We had no idea why he was crying and he kept crying everytime one of us would shoot the ball through the hoop. By Saturday (our last day there) he deicided he liked it and always wanted to play with it. That cry eventually turned to a laugh and big smile. He thought he was pretty clever for putting the ball through the hoop again and again. What a funny kid!!!!!

The McMurray family

Back L-R: Don, Jack, Mike, Robbie Olsen, Jon, Brady Olsen, Grandpa, Jared, My Dad
Top Middle L-R: Karma, Catch, Grandma, Carol, My Mom, Riley, Jesse, Me
Bottom Middle L-R: Jaunita, Lynda Olsen, Mandy Secretan, Scott Secretan, Reggie Olsen, Shawn Olsen
Bottom L-R: Logan, Alisha Woolf, Melissa Olsen, Josh, Mitch Olsen, Emily Olsen, Mike Olsen, Easton Secretan, and Seth Secretan

As long as I can remember, back when I was a kid and even now my family has always played in the family softball tournament in Cardston on Parade weekend. My uncles were always the main ones playing when I was younger but now they are getting old so some of the grandkids play now as well as some of the uncles. We have to have at least 2 over 40 playing, 2 girls and 1 kid 15 years old or under but at least 12 years old. We always have such a good time. This picture is all of the family that were there to play and to cheer on the team this year. We made it to the final game winning all of our other games but lost in the final by 1 run. Too bad!! We had fun though and the weather was really nice considering it rained all week.

Riley was so tired after spending all day outide at the park, parade, and softball games. He had a nice much needed evening nap.

Riley with Papa! He had so much fun with Papa this weekend. Riley has this barn with all the aminals and inside the barn there is this little button that you can press and it plays 2 different songs one at a time and then you have to press it again to hear the next one. Anyways, the songs are Old MacDonald Had A Farm and The Farmer in the Dell. Riley would press it Papa would start singing the song. It got to the point that Riley would press the button and then turn and look at Papa expecting him to sing. It was so cute. Riley actually started doing this when they came to visit us in Sherwood Park. Then if Riley and I were reading a story and Papa walked in the room, Riley would immediately want down off my lap and he would run over to his barn press the button to play the song so Papa would start singing. It is way too cute and funny. I am wishing I would have had my video camera. I guess I will next time if he still does that next times we see Papa.

Riley with Nana and Papa McMurray

We were just getting ready to head back to Sherwood Park and we thought we better capture some pictures before it started raining again (it had been all week). Anyways that was our week in Cardston thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Swimming Pool

These pictures are actually from July about 3 weeks ago when it was hot out. He hasn't gone in his pool since because it has been so cold. Like seriously WHAT HAPPENED TO SUMMER???? It didn't stop snowing until the end or May and then it rained the first half of July, then was really really hot for almost 2 weeks and now it has rained for half of August and to top that all off we got frost here this morning. I was talking to a friend today and she told me it seems like we have had only 2 seasons this year, WINTER, JULY (for 2 weeks) and now we are starting on the third which feels like fall. We skipped spring and most of summer this year. Thanks for reading my venting about this cold summer. I just had to get it out. At least it ends with pictures of a cute cute kid and you too Jesse.
Cute little Riley

Riley in his pool

Riley and Daddy