Monday, April 18, 2011

Riley's 3rd Birthday!!

Yesterday was Riley's 3rd birthday!! I can't believe he is this old already!! Time has gone by so fast! Now I have Lexie too!! I remember the day he was born and everything that happened that day like it was yesterday. I feel sooooo old (even though I have many friends with 3 or 4 kids already and some have kids as old as 7 or 8) it makes me wonder how they must feel lol!! Before I know it Riley will be starting school, then finishing elementary school, then graduating High School and then I will feel old!! Anyways enough of the feeling old business!

So we celebrated Riley's birthday yesterday. It was a Sunday and we have church at 1pm and that time really sucks when you are trying to organize family get togethers and dinners but we decided we better go to church (I won't lie we honestly thought of skipping). Riley decided he wanted Pizza and a Race Car cake with Lightening McQueen and Mater on it. I only make simple cakes and have no creative or cake decorating talents so I decided since I wouldn't have time to make it (we were busy the day before and went swimming for his birthday) we would just take the easy way out and get one from Safeway. I also didn't want to mess up on it and him not like it. I am really sure he would have liked it just as long as Mater and Lightening McQueen were on it I was mostly just trying to save time. So since I teach Primary Jesse took Lexie home during Priesthood/Relief Society and started making the pizza. By the time Riley and I came home from Church his grandma and grandma Atwood were there and so were Nana and Papa McMurray. They were helping Jesse and it was almost ready. Riley was so excited to see them and was happy we were having pizza. He was so excited he started doing his arm flapping thing he does when he is really excited!! He had a lot of fun and Nancy and Eric and their kids came later for cake and the present opening. He was a very spoiled boy this birthday and got A LOT of stuff!! I have always wondered what people do after every one of their kids birthdays when they keep getting more and more stuff and then their siblings get lots of stuff each birthday and Christmas as well. What do you do with it all?? How do you have enough space, especially when you already have lots of toys and things to begin with that are still being played with??? Our basement is just full of toys and Lexie's birthday is in 3 months and then like 5 months after is Christmas!! I guess I just need to go easy and not buy as much or dejunk maybe??

Anyways here are some photos of his fun filled day!!! We forgot to take a big picture with him and all the grandparents!! We kept meaning to but forgot so we don't have proof they were there lol!! So just imagine they were where when you look at these pictures cuz they were there. I wasn't in one either cuz I was taking all the pictures, it looks like it was just Riley, Lexie, Jesse and the Bly kids lol!

Riley's race car cake!! He absolutely loved it!! He couldn't stop staring at it!!
He wasn't sure what to think of the sparkler candle, he was kind of afraid. We got good evidence of this on the video tape as he kind of freaked out a little and didnt want to sit by the cake anymore when it was first lit!!

Our Birthday Boy! He really was happy even though he isn't smiling!

We caught him making some strange faces while eating his cake lol!

He wasn't sure if he liked the red icing!

Lexie was just happy to be there!!

Riley opening his first present!

He loves puzzles!!

He loves Toy Story and was thrilled to get a talking Woody from Nana and Papa

Riley with his cousins Tamryn, Camille, Justin and Nathaniel

Riley with all his birthday loot!! I think his grandparents cousins and mommy and daddy spoiled him!!

It was a great day!!!! Happy 3rd Birthday Riley!!! We love you and are happy to have you as a part of the family!!