Sunday, June 14, 2009

Riley is walking!!

So this last week I have been trying very hard to teach Riley to walk because he is getting very heavy and it is very hard carrying him around all the time. Also with the crawling his hands are always so dirty and he has bruises on his knees. So just this last Tuesday he took about 3 steps at first and then Jesse and I eventually got him to walk across his room. Jesse would sit on one end of the room and me on the other. We held our hands out to him and he would walk to us. At first he wouldn't he would just start crawling. Then I would hold a toy out to him but his hand and he would reach for it and each time he would I would move back.
Today at church Jesse walked around the halls with him towards the end of sacrament meeting because he just would not sit still. Then during Sunday school I was giving him a snack then he wanted to get down so I let him down. He just took off taking many steps. More than he ever has before. He did that for the rest of the day. He is pretty half and half now. He is getting brave and tries to walk but when he sees something he wants right away he will fall down and crawl because he can get to it faster that way. Anyways too bad I couldn't get any pictures of videos of him walking at church because he did sooooooo good. We are planning to video tape him tomorrow night and get some good picture now that we finally found our camera again. So some pictures will follow soon. Just thought we would let you all know that Riley is finally walking, he sure took his time but that is fine with me. He will be 14 months this Wednesday, he is growing up way to fast.

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  1. That is how Samantha was too. I have to admit it was in part because she was such a great crawler, as Riley is. If they can get to it quickly crawling, why take the time walking when it takes so long?

    If, like Sam, he is finally starting to walk, it will not be long until he is running. Once he gains the confidence, he will just take off!!