Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Riley!!!

So I have seriously been slacking on my blogs lately. Today is Riley's Birthday!! I can't believe he is 2 years old already!! I feel like I was just in the delivery room waiting for him to be born. He had a good birthday. My parents were able to come up to celebrate with us. He knows them as Nana and Papa. Uncle Lloyd came as well, the rest of his family couldn't make it. We had a BBQ with burgers and hotdogs, chips and strawberry lemonade. My favorite was his cake.
He is really into sports especially basketball lately so we made him a basketball cake. The sad thing is he didn't want to eat any of it, ever. He was not interested! He was very facinated with the candles and the sparkly candle but did not care for the cake. Now I am thinking we should have made him cupcakes and made them basketball cupcakes then he probably would have eaten them. We had kind of a sports theme for his birthday party. He got a jungle gym climber with a slide, basketball hoop and some sports balls (basketball, soccerball, and football), he got a T-ball set that can also be used to play golf with. He loves it! Nana and Papa got him some clothes, lots of clothes for summer (PJ's, t-shirts and shorts). Uncle Lloyd and Family got him a Mr. potato head which he really loves playing with. I thought this birthday would be different than his last in that he would really enjoy opening his presents. He did not!! He screamed and cried the whole time!! He kept wanting to go climb on the table that had a nice colorful birthday table cloth, and as most 2 year olds, he didn't like to sit still for a minute to open a gift. He half opened one and then was done with it. We tried holding him there to open the rest of his gifts and this is what we got!!

He was so mad, not sure why, most kids love opening presents, hopefully one day he will!!

He opened half of this gift without crying!

Our grouchy 2 year old after being forced to sit and help open his gifts!

Basktball cake

Learning how to play T-ball

Mommy and he 2 year old!!