Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ward Campout

This blog entry is totally late but oh well, we have been busy, I mean I have been busy chasing a 15 month old and making sure he doesn't eat things or put things in the garbage, vents, or toilets lately. So I haven't found a spare minute for awhile. We went on a ward campout in June 26-27. It was fun meeting new people in our ward since we just moved into the ward the beginning of June. It was also Riley's first time ever camping. We didn't go last year since he was very little. We had fun meeting people but it was super cold. It was a very windy when we left to go there Friday and Jesse and I were trying to decide if we should go or not. We just thought the wind would stop by the time we got there or at least for the next day. When we set up camp it was very windy. We almost decided to leave before we were all set up but people had already seen us and some of our friends decided to camp next to us so we decided to stay.
It was such a long night. Around 8-10pm it got cold and we tried to put Riley to sleep. He did sleep for about an hour and then he was shivering and so cold so he ended up snuggling with Jesse and I for most of the night in our airbed. He slept for about 5 hours the whole night and was awake at 5am because of the bright sunlight shining in our tent. It was rainy and cold in the morning as well so we ate breakfast and went home and had a good nap. I was kind of upset because they had activities going on all day and we left because we were tired and cold. As soon as we left our friends told us that the sun came out. Go figure!! Oh well we were tired!! I really really hope someday while we have small kids we can get a trailer cuz then we could at least be warm and get a good nights sleep.
Riley didn't want to stay in the tent. He kept opening the doors and trying to get out. We thought it was kind of funny so we just had to take a picture.

Trying to keep warm, it was very cold.

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