Thursday, May 21, 2009

Julie's Wedding

Julie got married on May 16 at the Mount Timpanogos Temple in American Fork Utah. We had such a good week. Jesse and I were a little worried about how Riley would be on this long trip with such a long drive but he was so good and even we were getting cranky with all the driving so we couldn't really blame him. For those of you that don't know we live in Edmonton and it is an 18 hour drive from Edmonton to Utah. We took 2 days on the way there to get there. We drove the 5 hours to Edmonton and then woke up early and drove 12 hours the next day. We got a portable DVD player especially for this trip and for other long drives we may take in the future. It is a good thing Riley loves to watch Baby Einstein even though I am so sick of those DVD's after watching and hearing them all the way there and back. He watched those most of the time and when he was not watching those he was sleeping, eating or playing with toys.
We stayed in Kaysville the first 2 nights we were there. Jesse's cousin Sarah Parkin lives there. We stayed with her and her husband Troy and their two beautiful girls Kailey and McCall. We were able to visit with them and see some of Jesse's other cousins as well.
On the day before the wedding we headed to Salt Lake City where we went and visited Temple Square and had a tour of the Conference Center. Riley fell asleep in his stroller for most of our time there and was awoken when we went into the Tabernacle and someone started playing the organ. That was really loud and it he woke up looking a little scared by that loud sound. We later went to Provo where my parents were staying and visited with them for awhile.
That Saturday was the wedding. It was so hot that day. We all got sunburnt in some way, yeah even Riley did. I put sunscreen all over his arms and face but I guess I missed one little spot which is where his hair kind of peaks and gets thinner. He had a nice red spot there.
There were at least 5 or 6 other wedding besides Julie's going on at the temple. There were people everywhere and I think I was even in some photos that were being taken. I would just be walking by and then there would be a flash of someone's camera. Julie looked very beautiful. We could all tell that she was very happy. We had the reception outside and there was a wonderful turnout. It was a very long day we were all do burnt and tired afterwards. We decided to break up the trip a little more and stay an extra day. We drove to Idaho Falls on Sunday and stayed with Kashina and Todd Wilson. We had a good time. The drive home after that was long and we had to wait almost 2 hours at the border, there was such a long line. I hope we don't have to drive that long again for a long long time.
That is a short description of our trip and we are happy to be at home so we don't have to eat gross fast food and live out of a suitcase. It will be nice for Riley to be back in a routine again.
We love you Andy and Julie and are glad that you made the right choice to get married in the temple. We are so proud of you and hope to be able to visit with you again soon. The rest of you thanks for stopping by.
Here are some pictures of the wedding
Julie and Andy coming out of the temple!! It was a crazy day. There were like 5 other weddings going on at the same time and that is the only door they come out of. We all had our camera's out waiting to catch that perfect moment when they would come out and sometimes we would be ready and another bride and her groom would come out. So I am lucky and glad that I caught this picture. I was probably in like 10 different wedding photos in the background because everywhere I walked there were camera flashes and I happened to be there.

Julie's Nike shoes she wore

Riley just chilling with Jesse

All the McMuray and Nelson family that were able to come to Utah for the wedding

McMurray Family
Siblings and Dads carrying Julie

Julie and Andy with my parents

Riley kissing Aunt Julie, he was in such a kissy mood for some reason that day and he kept wanting to kiss her.

Jesse, Riley and I with Julie and Andy

My dad singing "I Loved Her First" by Heartland while Julie and Andy dance

So we decided that on the way back from Utah we needed to split the trip up a bit more for Riley because the drive down was way way too long. So we stayed in Idaho Falls with Kashina, Todd and Corbyn Wilson (Thanks guys). We arrived there on Sunday the 17th and had a nice dinner with them. We later went on a walk around the Idaho Falls where Riley was asleep most of the time. It was really warm outside and was nice to see the falls, I have never seen them before. We had a good time visiting with the Wilson's and hope we can hang out with them again sometime. Too bad I didn't get a picture with them in it. Kashina was snapping pictures left and right of us ha ha!!
Jesse and I standing by the Idaho Falls. The Idaho Temple is in the background.

Here is Riley who is just worn out from our long trip.