Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lexie eating solid foods

Here is a picture of my cute baby eating solids when I am not giving it to her fast enough she grabs the spoon and shovels it in.

My baby girl is getting so big. She is 6 1/2 months old now. We sure love her. She always has a big smile on her face. Since she is finally better and over her cold and fever we decided it was time to try feeding her solids again. We started them a few weeks ago and she was kind of cranky with being sick and the whole moving thing just kind of ruined her routine. Now we are settled somewhat so we tried giving her some rice cereal which so loved. We always add apple juice to it instead of water to give it more flavor. We also started her on peaches today. She just absolutely loves them. We couldn't get each spoonful to her mouth fast enough. She would grunt or grab the spoon from me when I wasn't going fast enough, it was really cute!!

Riley's fear of flies

So yesterday I was watching something on TV and Riley was playing on the floor with Mr. Potatoe head. There was a paper close by and a fly started to crawl on the paper and he started watching it. Then it started flying around and Riley started freaking out, I meaning literally freaking out. He was running all around screaming ducking down as the fly flew around, layed on the ground and was kicking and screaming for me to get the fly. Then he wanted me to kill the fly and of course I can't find the fly swatter. Finally it landed and I was able to pick it up and I just threw it outside. Anyways for the rest of the day he was just terrified, even if he saw a piece of black fuzz he thought it was a fly and he would start his screaming terrifying fit again. I had to show him that it was fuzz and that there were not any flies. It was ridiculous, it got to the point where he was too afraid to walk on the carpet (cuz that is where the fly was when he first saw it). Our kichen has half tile floor and half carpet (I know, that sucks) and he would stay on the tile, he would want one of us to carry him across the carpet if he needed to go there and once he was at the couch he thought he was safe. We also have this rug that is colorful and we put it under his chair when he eats because where out table is has carpet. The rug has some black in it and he thought the black spots were flies and he was screaming wanting me to kill the flies and he wanted the carpet moved and oh my goodness it was frustrating but hilarious at the same time. This went on for about 8 hours (that was too long). So finally I had a talk with him and told him that flies are nice, that they are our friends lol! I told him he can say hi to the flies and they won't hurt him. I told him they like to fly around like birds or butterflies and those don't hurt us either. Anyways today, as I am busy doing some housework he starts thinking he sees flies again and is screaming and crying "Mommy kill the flies!" I kind of ignored him then I heard him say, "Hi fly!" "Happy Fly." "Nice fly." "Follow the prophet fly!" LOL, not sure why he told the fly to follow the prophet but it was funny. Then he starts singing ABC's, Follow the Prophet, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star etc. I don't know if he actually saw any flies at all but I thought this was cute and funny. Yes he is still afraid of flies when he sees one or if he sees fluff or fuzz that is black. You think he would be afraid of bees or wasps cuz they could actually sting you but no he is afraid of flies. I hope he gets over this quick otherwise we will not be going out much all summer. Jesse was going to take him to a basketball game tonight but we thought maybe Riley should stay home, I am sure Jesse would be quite embarassed if Riley started a screaming fit if he saw a fly. Anyways just thought you would all like to hear about this funny fear of his as it is fun to keep record of these funny things before I forget them.

The second move!!

So for those of you that don't know we have moved again. This is our second move in 5 1/2 months. We moved from Sherwood Park to Stirling (hoping we could live there for longer than 4 1/2 months) and then we moved from Stirling to Lethbridge. We moved January 29. It was a rough week because both of my kids were sick with fevers and colds. Poor Lexie had such a bad cold and wasn't wanting to eat anything. She also didn't ever want to be put down, she wanted me to hold her every second. She would just cry and cry which made it hard to get everything packed. We managed with the help of some ward members and family. My mom took the kids Fri-Sun. Jesse and I with the help of his parents were able to get the whole house packed up in a day and a half. They packed the whole kitchen which I was dreading (that is always the worst thing to pack and unpack). Jesse went to the house in Lethbridge with the truck full of our stuff and I stayed to clean everything with some relief society sisters. When Jesse came back everything as out of the house we just did one final walk thru to make sure we had everything. We packed up the cleaning stuff and as he backed the van out it started leaking transmission fluid AGAIN!! (this is the 3rd time in two months). So we couldn't go anywhere!!! We were stranded in Stirling in an empty house!! I was soooo not impressed!!! I was already not impressed that it was -30 degrees and snowing on and off and to have this happen on top of that just made me angry. We were finally able to reach my dad to came and took us to Lethbridge. That night we went out to Earls to eat, and enjoyed a nice night out without kids which we don't get that often and I think that was the first time getting out without either kid since before Lexie was born (I know sad considering she is 6 1/2 months). We are happy to be in Lethbridge instead of Stirling, it is more convenient and now we will save money on gas. Jesse is so happy to not have to do that drive on the highway in bad weather and I feel better knowing that he doesn't have to. Hopefully we will live in this house longer than a year (Riley has celebrated his birth and each of his birthday's in a different house), unless we magically have enough money to buy a house before then which would be nice but I doubt it. Thanks for reading my rambling, hope you enjoy!