Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Riley's first Easter

We had a very good Easter weekend. Jesse's brother Leon, his wife Jodi and their kids came up for the weekend. It happened to be Rylan's (their son) birthday. He turned 4. We went swimming at the Kinsmen Leisure Centre in Sherwood Park. We had never been there before and we really enjoyed going there. Riley lasted for 2 hours swimming which he never does. He was having so much fun playing with all the pool toys and going down the slide in the baby pool. I think we will go there again for Riley's 1st birthday. We also went out to Lloyd (Jesse's brother) and Rachel's house for Pizza and birthday cake.

On Easter Sunday we decided that after a long day on Saturday we were too tired to go to our own ward that starts at 9:00am so we went to Clarkdale Ward out in Sherwood Park which is also Lloyd and Rachel's Ward and the ward that we will be moving into this summer. We got to meet lots of people and their ward is really friendly. I have never had people in a ward be that friendly before. Rachel also gave a talk so we went to listen to her speak (we can use that excuse for skipping our ward). Their ward starts at 1:00pm. We also had set up a nice little Easter Egg hunt for Riley around our house before church. We put all the Easter eggs in obvious places that he always goes everyday no matter what places that he shouldn't go as well (we put some by the computer that he always tries to get to and he saw the egg and was excited to take that instead for a change). He found every egg all by himself in about 15 minutes, there were about 15 eggs. He always found two at a time and always had to be holding two at a time. If we took one away he would just go find another one. He liked shaking them to hear the sound of the candies inside. He got to taste his first chocolate egg and some gummy bunnies which he loved so much.We had a nice Easter dinner at Lloyd's house and had a very good time. We are sad too see this long weekend come to an end. At least Jesse is almost done school for the semester and we can have some fun as a family for a few days before he goes back to work.
Here is the Easter egg hunt pictures

You can't really see it but there is an egg in his barn and he is trying to get it.

All of the Easter eggs Riley found after our Easter egg hunt around the living room!

Looking in his Easter basket

He had his first chocolate and really enjoyed it as you can tell by his face!!

He always had to have 2 eggs, one in each hand if we took one away he would grab another one.

Here we have a sequence of pictures showing how Riley figured out how to open the egg himself and eat his candy (I had to open his eggs for him before). He didn't understand that once he opened the egg he could dump the candy in his hand and then eat it. He thought he could eat the egg too. He did figure it out eventually. He is too funny!!
He figured out how to open the egg and get the candy

He loved his candy so much that he looks kind of cross eyed in this picture.

What a face!

That's it folks, we hope you all had a Happy Easter!!!!

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  1. Glad to see he enjoyed his first Easter. New Wards are always fun to meet when they are friendly.