Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Riley at the Park

So we decided this last week that it was nice enough outside to go to the park. So we took Riley on the swings, slide, and springy horse for the first time. He had a good time. He was a little bit scared of the swing even though we didn't push him that much. I almost wonder if it made him feel sick. He kind of screamed so we stopped right away. We took this picture before we pushed him a bit so he looks happy. I think he just liked sitting in it. We will try it again soon and see if he likes it any better. We have the rest of the spring and all summer to try. He really loves going on the other things though. On the slide he kept looking down at the bottom and smiling. I helped him down and he kind of giggled.
Riley's first time in a swing.

He loves to rock back and forth all the time so he really liked riding on this thing. He was so excited that it could go back and forth. We had a hard time getting him off of it, he liked it so much.

He loved the slide. I helped him slide down it but as you can see Jesse's shadow was in the way taking the picture so we couldn't get one of him at the bottom.

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