Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer and Moving

I am so behind on EVERYTHING lately it seems. We moved almost a month ago and so many things happened all summer long before and after Lexie was born and I just haven't had the time or energy due to lack of sleep to keep writing frequent updates. So here is the update of the month.
Way back in July on the 12th, Jesse had a job interview in Lethbridge at Stantec. He did his work week there for school last year. Anyways he went and I was freaking out the whole time in my mind thinking "oh no, now we are going to have to move." I had that feeling over and over in my head before he even had his interview that we were going to have to move and if we did I was hoping it would be in the new future like November or sometime next year like April. Well my feelings were right about him getting offered the job and us eventally moving. I was wrong about when we would move. So Jesse calls me up from Lethbridge and tells me that he was offered the job and that they wanted him to start on August 3. So I was kind freaking out because our baby was due on July 30 and at that point we didn't know what day we would have her. Anyways they sent him the offer and they wanted him to reply and accept the offer my Thurs, they gave him the offer on Monday. Of course my stress level went way up, I was relieved that he would have a job and that we would be closer to family but at the same time I was upset because I didn't want to move and leave all my good friends and community of Sherwood Park, also I didn't want to move that soon after having a baby. Jesse took the job and because of our situation with the baby, they were willing to move his start date back to Sept 7. We were so grateful for that. We really miss our neighborhood and friends in Sherwood Park but are happy to finally have the move over with.
Moving day was great!!! We had lots and lots of people from our ward help load all the stuff into a trailer and a truck (ya we have lots of crap). People also helped us clean, which I am so grateful for, I was wondering how I would get everything done being that I just had Lexie and was still feeding her every 1-2 hours.
Also for those of you that don't know, the move gets even more interesting in that when we gave our notice to move out in Sherwood Park, we didn't know where we were moving to (which house or what area of Lethbridge). We couldn't even go down and look because I was due to have Lexie soon. So we moved all our stuff down and stored some of it in an empty house my my aunt Wendy Nish's house. We stayed with Tammy (Jesse's sister and her family) while we looked for something. There was nothing in Lethbridge. Everything was soooo small, or run down, had no yard, was soooo expensive or was in a scary neighborhood. We didn't know what we were going to do and were getting so annoyed of not having all of our stuff and all 4 of us being squished in one room. We finally found someone renting out their new house in Stirling. At first Jesse and I did not want to be in Stirling. Let me tell you, it is a slower pace of life as compared to the city. I am having a hard time with the change and I am not sure why, maybe just because I lived in Edmonton for 7 years and just appreciated all the conveniences of living in the city, and there is more stuff to do. I also miss my mom and tots group I went to and all the kids for Riley to play with. With time I am sure I will eventually like it out here.

Here are some pictures of our summer before Lexie was born. Time has gone by soo fast!!

Riley and I the day before Lexie was born!

Trying to get a picture of Riley and I at the Spray Park in St. Albert. This was 2 days before Lexie was born. There was FINALLY a nice hot day to do something fun as a family before all the chaos (new baby and moving).

He finally went in the water!

Almost half falling asleep in the swing. It was around 9:30pm here. We were waiting for the fireworks to start!

Happy going down the slide!

We FINALLY found a vegetable Riley likes. He only will eat it on the cob though lol! Here is proof that we have got him to eat one vegetable (he hates all vegetables).

Riley helping make a Salad

He won't eat vegetables but he loves to help cut them lol!

I love his concentrated look while he is helping cut the vegetables.

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  1. Congrats on the job and move. It is a lot slower down here. I still miss Edmonton and I've been back down south for 5 years.