Friday, September 17, 2010

Lexie's Blessing Day

Lexie was blessed in Cardston on September 5 in my parents ward. It was a good day and lots of family came. My parents were there as well as my sister Becky and brother Jon. Jesse's brother Doug and family were there as well as Tammy, Leon, Nancy and their families. We didn't have a big dinner with the family to celebrate which I still feel bad for but we couldn't because we just moved down here from Sherwood Park and didn't have a place of our own yet (we are living with Tammy) and couldn't really afford to feed that many people or have a place to feed that many people. We wanted to wait until we found a house and knew what ward we were in before we blessed her but we didn't know how long that would be. We also needed to get it done so that her dress would still fit her as it would only fit as big as 10lbs.
It was a wonderful day and Jesse gave her a beautiful blessing! Thanks to all who came and supported Lexie on her special day!!

Here are a few pictures of Lexie on her special day! She is 6 weeks old!

We found her dress at the Bargain Barn and it had never even been worn!

Marrianne Taylor from my parents ward made her cute little shoes to go with the dress

Mommy and Lexie

Proud Daddy with his little girl!!

Riley and Lexie with Uncle Jon

Me with Riley and Lexie before church

Lexie's crazy hair!

Lexie at 6 weeks old

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  1. in the first picture she looks JUST Like your sister! Cute dress!