Monday, June 7, 2010

Catching Up January and February!!

I have been such a horrible blogger this year! So many things have happened so far this year. Riley has changed so much! This post is catch up photos and details for Part of January and all of February.
In these pictures Riley is 21- 22 months old!! He is getting so big so fast. I can't believe he is two years old now.
New things and other things Riley has done these two months (I wrote it all down in a journal that is how I remember otherwise I wouldn't).
-He started climbing on and off the chairs around the table as well as on and off the couch all by himself!
-He finally likes eating cheese (tried forever to get him to eat cheese or things with cheese on it and he would not)
-He figured out how to open the pantry and now he always emptys it putting all the canned foods or most of them on the floor. This would entertain him for hours and it still does.
- He played in the snow for the first time this Winter mostly in February, it hardly snowed at all in January. He loved trying to build a snowman with the help of his daddy!
- Learned how to play basketball from his Dad! Jesse taught him how to do forward and backward dunks!! He loves basketball, and to get him upstairs when we wanted him to we would ask him where his basketball was and he would just bolt up the stairs!! He used to love it so much he could play for hours and now he has other interests!!
-He has started understanding a lot more and can follow simple commands such as "Go get your shoes."
-He loved to look at books and do puzzles and he still does!!
-He loves it when Jesse or I sing him songs!
There are probably more things I could have written about our time in Jan and Feb but much of it was spent indoors so not much fun.

Riley trying out a back dunk his dad taught him!

Riley about to do a front dunk!!

Climbing on the chair

Riding the cars at Galaxyland! He loves it!!

Riley loving the Merry Go Round at Galaxyland!

Building a snowman!! I love how small the little ball is he made lol!

My cute little boy all dressed up in his snowsuit!!

Riley emptying the cupboards!!


Riley was so proud of himself that he could get up on the couch all by himself!!! Little stinker!!

Riley with a funny hairdo!!

Riley will finally eat cheese!!

Well there you have it an update of January and February!! Better late than never, I am going to try and not get so behind on my blogs but it is so hard with being busy and pictures that take so long to upload!!

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  1. Seems everyone has gotten busy and such these days, so you are not alone.