Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catching up March!!

I feel like I am always catching up on things especially my blogs. Life just gets so busy as I am sure you all know. I realized I hadn't posted any pictures of Riley in March. He was 23 months old so almost 2. The terrible twos had already started by this month and had been going on for a few months. This month I had just started my 5th month of pregnancy. I finally started showing a little bit. It took me forever to show this time. When I was pregnant with Riley I started showing right away at like barely 4 months. I wasn't really big but I am starting to get that way now. I feel good, not sick this time which is great!! Riley kind of wears me out though but I love him.
This month Riley:
-Started showing interest in helping with the dishes. Jesse started having him help unload the dishwasher. I have mixed feelings about this, it is good that he is learning how to empty the dishwasher but not good at the same time because now he always wants to empty the dishwasher even when the dishes in it are not clean yet. He doesn't understand that the dishes are dirty and need to be clean first, he just thinks we can put them in there and then take them out right after to put them away LOL!!
-I had never really been brave enough to let him make cookies with me until around this time. Jesse and I did this with him for family home evening one night. He absolutely loved it!! We would fill the measuring cups or spoons full of the ingredients and would have him dump them. He kept wanting to do it again and again and was rather disappointed when there was nothing else for him to dump into the bowl. His wasn't disappointed for long though because we showed him how to turn on the kitchen aid so that it would mix everything up and he thought that was the coolest thing ever, he kept turning it off and on over and over again. He also didn't want to stand on a chair and help he had to be right up there sitting on the counter right beside the kitchen aid.

Riley still really loves looking at books. He has since he was about 6 months old. I always catch him sitting on the floor somewhere usually in his room, looking at books. At this time he just liked looking at them himself and now he is actually starting to let me read them to him.

Riley making cookies and loving the kitchen aid!

Riley making a goofy face as he stands at the dishwasher!!

He would and still does get into the pots and pans and likes to twirl the lids from the pots so they go around and around making a loud sound as they hit the table. He thinks it's hilarious, it entertains him for awhile!

He loves playing with playdough. At this time he would just like me to make things out of it for him because he had no toys to use with it (rolling pin, playdough molds etc)

This was funny!! He fell asleep during dinner time while eating his Pizza. He was snoring yet he kept taking bites of and chewing his pizza. We tried taking it away so he wouldn't choke but he had a death grip on it and wouldn't give it up!!

Wearing Mommy's shoes!! He likes to try on my shoes and wear them around the house!
Riley during swimming lessons!

Riley doing a tummy float!! He loved swimming lessons and learned many new songs that we are still singing today!!

Thanks for reading my late negelected updates!! I think I only have one more catch up post and then I should be right on track.

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  1. Thanks for the update!

    That is funny about the pizza. Sam is the same with baking/cooking.