Sunday, January 10, 2010

The rest of 2009

Riley's haircut

Riley was growing a mullet, as some people were telling us. He has some funny hockey hair going on so we decided it was time for a haircut. We hadn't cut it since July. He was really not impressed during the whole procedure. I wish we could have gotten some pictures or a video recording of the struggle it was but I had to hold him down and Jesse was cutting his hair with the haircutting clippers so we didn't have anyone available for to take pictures. Too bad though, it was a classic fit let me tell ya! He is a front view of the before picture!


LOL!! I was just laying on the couch and Riley just went around the house picking up things on the floor and other places and just kept piling it on top of me. I thought it was kind of funny!

Riley was looking at his book and kept kissing the pages that he liked, which was cute!

He found a paper towel and ripped it into tiny pieces all over the living room floor.
Some cute poses of Riley playing with my oven gloves!! He loves to play with them so much. He always gets this big smile on his face when he finds them or when I get them for him. He packs them around the house most of the day and hardly lets them out of his site! Kind of a funny thing to like playing with.

Cute little mohawk

Jamming on his piano!

He loves giving kisses, he will just pull you in for them randomly, it's so cute!!
I just thought I would post some new pictures
of Riley that were taken the end of 2009 in Nov and Dec. I have been a horrible blogger. He was 18-19 months old in these pictures.

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  1. when it comes to pics, I have been bad lately too.

    kids do random things, but they add variety. Thanks for the pic update.