Sunday, December 6, 2009


I know these pictures are over a month late and I should be posting pictures of my lovely Christmas decorations and not Halloween!!! Well I would have posted them earlier but November was just a crazy crazy month!!! Plus my computer has been extremely slow lately at uploading pictures and I was busy and just didn't have the patience to wait for them.
This Halloween Riley was 18 months old. He was a cute little pumpkin. He didn't like us holding him still to put his costume on but once it was on he was ok with it. The hat was a little big and he didn't like it that much. We thought he would only last for a couple of houses but he started getting excited and loved seeing people drop candies in his bag. He got lots of candy and we only went out for about 45 minutes. Jesse dressed up as a vampire. We found that costume last minute at Walmart for only $6. I was a witch!! I seem to be that every year, maybe next year I will be something else otherwise a witch is all anyone will ever see me as lol! We had a good time though and the weather really cooperated well. Every Halloween it is usually cold and snowy but we were lucky for once this year.
My cute pumpkin

Riley and Daddy

Riley and Mommy

Checking out the pumpkin


  1. looks like you had a fun Halloween!

  2. Thanks for the fun post! You guys all look great! And there's nothing wrong with being a witch every never have to stress about what you're gonna wear/be!! Can't wait to see more pics. of whatcha been up to!