Friday, April 24, 2009

Riley's 1st Birthday Party!!!

We celebrated Riley's 1st birthday on Saturday April 18. Riley had both sets of grandparents (Atwood and McMurray) come up for his party. We also invited Mark and Lindsey Still and thier girls Abby and Sariah. His uncle Lloyd, cousins Lili and Macy came swimming with us.
For his party we went swimming at Kinsmen Leisure Centre in Sherwood Park. It was so much fun. We put a lifejacket on Riley for the first time and he loved it. It helped him float and also didn't make me worry that we would drop him as he is always trying to get away from either Jesse or I in the water now. After swimming we went to our house for some Pizza and cake. Jesse and I made the Pizzas (Aunt Rachels recipe) and they turned out so good. We actually cooked it's a miracle. I was just so proud of myself and Jesse for making the pizza crust which we were very worried wouldn't turn out good enough. We also had a cake that we attempted the night before made out of cupcakes which actually turned out pretty cute and Riley sure did love those cupcakes. He opened his gifts and by that time he was certainly tired and not very happy. We were so happy to have Abby and Sariah there to help him open his gifts and to make it more exciting for him. It was a very long day and we figured after the whole thing was over that we should have just given him some cake at the beginning and then he would have been happy for the whole thing. I think he just wasn't used to having so many people in our house at once and all the noise. Also he kind of choked on his pizza so that made him mad for a while and I felt so bad for him because it seemed like he wasn't enjoying his party because all you heard was him screaming and crying for about 20 minutes. I finally took him in his room away from everyone and he played in there for about 20 minutes. Then he was happier when I brought him out again. It was a very fun day and I hope Riley had a Happy First Birthday!!! We love you Riley!!!
Swimming with Mommy

Swimming with Daddy

Riley opening his presents there are many many pictures of this so I just picked a few.

By this point he was very tired and not wanting to open anything else!

Riley cake made out of cupcakes. My first time baking a cake ever and first time ever decorating one. Not bad for a first attempt!!

Riley and his cake before we lit the candle. The cupcakes at the top (blue, yellow, and green) are supposed to be balloons you can't see the string attatched to them that looks like the bear is holding them.

Stuffing his face with cake!!
He had cake everywhere including in his ears, hair, and up his nose. So he needed a bath. I love his pose in this picture lol!

Here was our attempt at trying to get a picture with Riley and all his birthday loot! As you can see Jesse is in the background because Riley wouldn't hold still (typical one year old) and he was trying to get him to stand still with his car. Well no he starts walking behind it as I quickly snapped the picture. He ended up driving it over all his stuff! At least he likes his presents and he had a very fun first birthday!!

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  1. That cake looks great Robyn!! lol, glad to hear he is a typical 1 year old who got cake everywhere...even the ears.