Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy Boy!!!

Okay so a few days before my last post Riley started pulling himself up to a standing position. I have just been slacking and haven't put any pictures up yet. He has been crawling for a few months now and one day when I had my back turned he pulled himself to a standing position and tried to get the printer. He had a big smile and thought he was so clever. Now he stands against everything and walks around furniture. Before we know it he will be walking. He is now 11 1/2 months old and is growing so fast and into everything!!! He now likes to do things himself and sometimes gets mad if I try and help him with his food or his toys. I used to break off little peices when feeding him and now he would rather me give him the whole thing and he will pick off his own peices or shove the whole thing in his mouth which he sometimes does if he really likes what I am giving him. He also likes to push his car around and walk or crawl on up on his knees behind it. He loves having baths and watching Baby Einstein movies. He loves watching animals and hearing the sounds they make and he loves music. I can't wait to take him to the Zoo this summer.
He is very sweet and fun. He gives hugs and kisses all the time. He is not a cuddler though but that probably has something to do with the busy stage. He giggles and likes someone to play with him. We love him and cannot believe how fast he has grown.

Riley loves taking a bath. Too bad we don't have a bath tub at our house. We are looking to move soon so we will make sure our new place has a bathtub. He loves the green toy he is holding. It is supposed to be a crab. All the toys squirt water if you squeeze them. He only likes that green one and will always grab that one even if we mix up all the toys he still grabs that one. One day I didn't put it in the bathtub and he kept moving the toys around over and over trying to find that toy. He just looked so frustrated LOL! I found it and snuck it in there and he was so happy when he found it which shows in this picture!

Walking behind his car

Riley playing with his barn. He loves it and plays with it almost everyday. It makes animal noises when you open the gates or doors and there is a button that plays 3 different songs. He will sit there and dance during them which is pretty funny.

Playing with his kitchen


  1. He looks just like Jesse!!! He is getting so big. That stinks not having a tub...but it doesn't look like the sink bothers him at all.

  2. blogs are so much fun!!
    Riley is getting so cute
    You should check out my blog

  3. He is so darn cute! Kids do grow fast...which makes me happy to have a blog. I can record all the fun things we do, and then print off the posts and put them in a book.

  4. To fun! The moving and grooving stage is soo fun but a lot of work! Such a cutie! We should try to get together sometime. I come into the city at least once a month! Email me sometime with your digits.