Sunday, March 13, 2011


Some of you that I grew up with in Cardston might remember my family's dog Max. He was a bichon Shitzu dog.We got Max when I was only 12 years old, we still lived in Magrath at the time. Now I am pretty old some of you know how old I am and other's don't and I am ok with that lol! For those of you who know how old I am, you know that Max is a pretty old dog. Okay, so I will tell you how how old Max is. He was 16 years old! He started getting sick at the beginning of this month. He wasn't eating, he was losing teeth, he had problems with one of his eyes and he just grew really weak. He couldn't hardly walk and he just sat in his bed all day long and didn't do anything cuz he could hardley move. On Thursday night I got a phone call from my mom telling me that on Friday they were going to be taking Max to the vet to be put to sleep. They said it was the best thing to do for him because he was suffering and unable to eat so he was basically starving himself, they were not sure why he wouldn't eat and they tried many many times to get him to eat. They even tried giving him cheese which he loves and as soon as one of us would get cheese out and start cuttng it, he would come running. It was just better to take his pain away and let him rest I guess. I was so sad and I still am. Max had been in my life for a long time. He was mostly my sister Becky's dog and she was devastated. My parents were even sad and I didn't think they would be. They always thought he was so annoying and couldn't wait to get rid of him after we all left home, but they never did, they held on to him because all us kids loved him so much. Growing up dad would always joke every year and say that this Christmas he was going to be getting Max his coffin. On Friday Dad really did build him a coffin. I didn't think he would but I think it was sweet that he did. After Max was put to sleep he was wrapped in a blanket that was used in his bed. In the coffin were his favorite toys. I wasn't able to be there to bury him but my parents, Becky and Jon buried him close to my Grandma and Grandpa McMurray's house in Beazer. It was a sad sad day and I am kind of grateful I wasn't there to see him so sick and weak just thinking about that was enough to make me burst into tears. He was a good dog, we all grew so attached to him and will really miss him.

Some of my memories of Max were when we always included him at Christmas. He had his own stocking and Becky wanted us to include him as well in the family Christmas draw, and we did every year. Everyone always wanted to get Max's name. One year I didn't know what to get him and dad told me to get him this rubber bone (I was about 13 or 14 years old). This bone cost $9 which was a lot to me then. Max hated it and wouldn't even touch it, and I always would bug dad year after year saying "Nice choice dad!"

I also remember dad giving him funny hair cuts making him look like a buffalo, or a lion, giving him a beard.

I also remember one time when we were camping, Max was about a year old and we were at Beazer swimming in the creek and Becky asked dad if Max could swim and he said 'lets find out' and he threw Max in the water lol! Becky was so scared thinking Max would drown but sure enough he swam right to the edge and was able to get out.

We also taught Max many tricks and Becky was having him jumping throw a hula hoop, she built a bar supported by two pillows for him to jump over, he would shake a paw, dance and roll over.

Sorry if I am boring you guys to death but this write up is mainly for my family to read our memories and for me to have a record of it.

Rest in Peace Max you brought so much joy to our family for 16 years, I will always remember you and you will be missed :(

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