Friday, October 16, 2009

Warm September

Jesse and Daddy at West Edmonton Mall

Well this post is a bit late but oh well, better late than never right? We had an amazing September here in the Edmonton/Sherwood Park area. It was so warm almost everyday of the month with temperatures reaching as high as 34 degrees celcius. It got that hot the first day of fall and a few days after, which is amazing. The warm temperatures even broke some records for this time of year. This month definately wins the prize for nicest month of the year, too bad it took so long and couldn't be like this for the whole summer. Riley and I did some fun things during the day. Who would have ever thought of going to a Spray Park in the middle of September? (I forgot my camera though so I didn't get any pictures).
Jesse and I also took Riley to the Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall. There is a new splash/spray park that was built for kids. The water was a little cold though. Riley loved going doing the waterslides in that area though with either Jesse or me. He also really likes the kiddie pool and the wave pool.

Jesse also started school again in September. He has been extremely busy. He did more work the first 2 weeks of school than he did all last Semester. He has been busy with group projects and such. Riley and I hardly see him. Many times he comes home visits with us until after supper and then down to the basement to get his homework done. We can't wait until April when he will be done. Then the great decision of where he is going to work and where we are going to live.

Here are some pictures of our lovely almost 18 month old. He will be 18 months old tomorrow. All of these pictures are him when he was 17 months old.

Fell asleep while I was preparing his lunch.

We thought he could be a big boy and not use his tray anymore. Well we were wrong. When we let him sit up to the table with us he did this!! He thinks his feet need to be on the table. He then pushes off and almost knocks himself over backward in the chair. So I guess he will use his tray a bit longer for safety reasons lol!!

Playing in the sand, he does this for a few minutes after each time he goes down the slide.

Loves to swing

Close up shot of my handsome boy and his gorgeous brown eyes. How can you say no to a face that that eh?

Fell asleep on the floor after playing with the peanut butter lol!

The pictures before actually happened after this, they are in the wrong order oops! He loves to throw the peanut butter. Not sure why! He winds up like this lol!

Watersliding with Daddy

Watersliding with Mommy

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