Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camping at Aspen Beach

We decided to go camping somewhere that we hadn't been to before because there are many different campgrounds and lakes all within an hour drive of Sherwood Park. We went to Aspen Beach which is on Gull Lake. It is close to Lacombe and Sylvan Lake. We camped at Brewers Campground. We went with Mark and Lindsey Still and there girls Abby and Sariah. We got there on Friday August 21. We set up camp and spent the rest of the day at the beach. There is a playground right on the beach. The Lake is shallow and warm and there is a lovely beach. We spent a lot of time at the beach the first 2 days. We had a good time. Riley loved playing with his beach toys and going in the water. He was a really good camper. He slept good however the first night we had a wicked Thunderstorm and he didn't fall asleep until after it stopped which was 11pm. Oh well he slept good and even slept in. We were kinda bummed because we were supposed to stay until Monday but ended up leaving Sunday. It was cloudy and overcast and was supposed to get down to 4 degrees that night. We decided we didn't want to be cold or wet. Riley was ready to go home, he played too hard at the beach. We had a good time and kind of wish we would have waited to go for another week because of course it was hot the next 2 weekends after. What are the chances of that in late August and September??
A cute close-up of Riley with the beach in the background. I tried many of these and he would not look so this is the best one I got.

This pictures is out of order, it is supposed to be at the end. It just wouldn't let me put it there for some reason. This is how Riley was after playing on the beach all afternoon, passed right out.

He lets Mommy play with him

He didn't want Jesse to play with him, he wanted to do everything by himself! I am glad I got this picture on camera cuz he does this quite often. He thinks he is Mr. Independent all of a sudden! He does this to me too not just Jesse. He just decided that day that I could play with him and Daddy could not lol!

Riley playing with Abby and Sariah's boogie board.

This is how shallow the water was for quite a ways out on the lake. It was fairly warm and perfect for little ones to play in. This is Riley walking in the water all by himself, don't worry I am very close by that I could grab him if I needed to. I just wanted a picture of him walking in the water. This is Riley being brave, he rarely would let me leave his side!

He tripped because he was walking too fast. At least the water isn't deep. It kind of shocked him at first but then he realized he liked it and sat there for awhile!

Riley and Mommy

Walking in the Lake with Mommy

Walking in the Lake with Daddy

He enjoyed his walk with Daddy!

Riley loved sitting in the water playing with his sand toys. He was very determined to get that purple thing on top. He has another one at home where there is a little bucket that goes on top and then the water goes through the little hole in the bucket and makes the wheel spin. He was sure that this one did the same thing but it didn't. It's funny the little things kids pick up on.

He finally got the purple thing to stay on top and he is proud of himself, notice him clapping his hands. He always claps for himself after he does something that required effort. LoL he is so funny!

I finally got a picture of Riley smiling. He hardly ever will look at the camera anymore which kind of makes me sad :( He is too busy for mommy and is growing up!

He loves it when Daddy swings him back and forth in the Hammock
He absolutely loved laying in it. He always wanted to get in it whenever we were over there and he could see it!

He looks like he is sleeping here but he is just chillin!

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